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Professionalism - Work Experience / Bio - Equipment - Insurance/Payroll


How I operate

I offer my services as an individual freelancer or through my business entity - Meeting Tech Innovations. I am available to travel. I spend about half my time on the road and half working from my office or working Boston area events.


I strive to be as professional as possible in my dealings with all involved. Whether a sub-contracor is paying my fees or the show manager - I try to understand the objectives of the event and act in a way that furthers those objectives. To me, this translates to good customer service and helps facilitate the event by avoiding any "not my job" excuses.

Work Experience / Bio

Since 1997 I have been supporting computers, software, Internet connectivity, networks, and audio visual equipment at meetings and marketing events. After a couple years with a national computer rental company I moved to New York City and started my freelance career.

Freelancing allowed me to gain experience working for a number of different types of technology providers and buyers. To name a few: event Internet providers, computer rental, show management, AV rental, AV staging, exhibitors, registration companies, producers, convention centers, IT service providers, etc.. I managed to work in most of the major convention venues in this country as well as a few overseas.

In 2002 I decided to round off my experience and get to know the AV side of the industry. I started doing a lot more AV and PowerPoint work and soon added "projectionist" and "video tech" to my resume'.

While I still do everything mentioned above - I am currently focusing on Webcasting and streaming video for live events. There I can utilize all my experience to help clients extend the reach of the live presentation.

Visit my portfolio page to see examples of some of my work. Visit Meeting Tech Innovations to read more about the Webcast and streaming side of things.


I own the required equipment and software for Webcasting and PowerPoint- including:

  • Computers - laptops, media encoders, real time video editor, Webcast "authoring" software, firewall, switch
  • Video - TBC, scan converter, video switch, DA, DV/Beta/SVHS/DVD Decks
  • Audio - mixer, compressor, delay, DA

Insurance / Payroll

I try to meet my clients requirements so that they can hire me as a subcontractor:

  • Insurance for business liabily and workmen's compensation
  • Have a federal Employee Identification Number.
  • Clients either write checks to me or Meeting Tech Innovations
  • I rent office / studio space in Stoughton, MA